December 5, 2011

Cool with the elf.

We're cool with the elf.

That said... One of us* is still convinced he flies around the house; one of us still maintains he's not entirely real ("his face is made of plastic"); and another one is more irritated than others being woken at 5:50AM each morning to help find the elf. The last of us is having too much fun playing with the new toy.

*In no particular order: Noah, Elliot, Donal, Me


  1. The elf sneaking a cookie is priceless.
    Why no elf feet? Maybe that is the confusion on flying. ;)

  2. This is too fun :) ...awesome idea, Andrea! (And I agree with Sara about the cookie jar!)
    -Cousin Steph

  3. I love the fact that the elf has been given super powers!!