January 1, 2013

Happy New Year.

People are still blogging, right? Surely, I haven't missed the bandwagon entirely?

Anyway. Happy 2013.

Resolution 1:  Stop the slow, yet persistent, degeneration of my brain cells.
Solution 1a:  Write, write, write, photos, photos, photos.
(Bonus Solution:  New York Times Crossword. Sunday edition.)

Resolution 2:  Move. Not like move house, but take some regular walks. Did you know that it's statistically proven that people gain 13lbs when they move to the suburbs? It's like being a college freshman all over again. Without the benefit of midnight pizzas and keg stands*.
Solution 2:  Go on a hike in 20°F weather in one of Colorado's beautiful state parks.

* Obviously you know that I've never, ever done a keg stand in my life. 


  1. Finally, checking your blog every day for the past 6 months has paid off. ;) Great pics, happy new year!

  2. Ugh. Finally. I mean, you proved you were alive last week, but still. Missed you. :-)

  3. glad you are blogging again! great picture! we'll have to have a keg stand at next year's xmas party :)