March 1, 2012


Happy World Book Day!

I've always loved to read. I fondly recall my collection of Babysitter Club and Sweet Valley High books. I loved all the Little House and Wrinkle in Time series. Nancy Drew is what I read when all other options were exhausted. I remember discovering my Grandma's very musty copy of The Wizard of Oz and thinking it was so much more interesting than the movie. I actually looked forward to the annual summer book fair.

I, apparently, loved pink.
Its no different now. I'll read pretty much anything but I most enjoy a good story with interesting characters. I read fast (Gone With the Wind - cover to cover in two intensive days), but I don't retain a lot (it wasn't until Chapter 3 of The Road Home until I was sure I'd already read it). I aim to complete the Booker longlist, but resign myself to getting through the shortlist. I've only stopped reading a few books because of disinterest. I've recently read the Why French Children... book, if you'd like to chat about it.

Elliot is just getting to grips with reading. He didn't terribly enjoy it at first, but now that he's getting better and more confident, his interest is growing. I'll do anything to foster this interest and that's why I'm so relaxed about sending him to school dressed as Clark Kent / Superman for World Book Day. Yes, Superman is mostly known for his film career, but he did get his start in print, and is in a book we own. So, as far as I'm concerned, he completely qualifies. Besides, I will do anything to get my kids in tortoise-shell frames.

p.s. It turns out there was a Best Costume contest and... Elliot won a prize!


  1. I looooved wrinkle in time series, little house, nancy drew, babysitters club..... was/am a fellow book nerd!! i love these pictures.

  2. I loved Gone With the Wind (on your recommendation). Remember when you got me to read Harry Potter by telling me "it might be better than Gone With the Wind?"
    I do not read fast.

  3. I love, in no particular order:
    All books you have mentioned (esp Gone with the Wind!)
    Elliot's costume!
    Elliot writing "press" on the side of his Clark Kent fedora.
    Noah eating / wearing a cupcake
    That Elliot won a prize!
    That I introduced you to Gone with the Wind (I did, right?)
    That Superman in book form came from me. :D
    Happy World Book Day!!!