March 13, 2012

House Hunting.

A week ago Donal and I were in Denver doing some pretty intensive house hunting. I think, in the end, we managed to view at least 40 homes. It was a lot, especially since we crammed all 40 houses into 3 days.

Luckily, we found one.
Luckily, they accepted our offer.
Luckily, the inspection hasn't come back with horrible results.
Luckily, I haven't - as yet - found a significant increase in worry lines, grey hairs, or stomach ulcers.

So... The House. It's almost too scary to talk about it because (a) it's not yet ours, and (b) it's currently decorated in a fashion that will make you think I'm nuts.
I love stenciled walls and floral borders.
Also - it's flipping huge.

Seriously. Our current home is a comfortable (yet snug) 1,400 sq feet. My sister's home in Michigan is approx 3,500 sq feet. Our new home in the wild west is as big as these two houses combined.

[ deep breath ]

It has two furnaces, two water tanks, and a three car garage. I don't own even one car.

[ deep breath ]

So, obviously, we didn't buy it for its size. The selling point for us was the kitchen and family room. It turns out I'm a total sucker for nice appliances, granite counter tops, and a comfortable eating area leading down into a sunken living space, where I can see my family slobbing out quite happily.

And there's a view as well. The overriding thought I had while touring all these suburban homes was how close they all are to each other. I've done the urban thing; I'm ready to look out of my windows and see something other than other people's homes. This is it. Our backyard isn't massive, but it's big enough to throw a football. Beyond the back gate is an open space (a technical term meaning "we couldn't build houses here") where coyotes roam, foxes slink, and owls hunt. Its landscape is desert plains scrub, complete with picturesque dead tree, waterfall (possible sewer outlet?), and a paved path for uber American convenience. In the much-further distance you can see The Rockies.
The Rockies.

[ deep breath ]

(Yes, I realize you're having to squint at the picture.)


  1. Wow!! Gorgeous!! Congratulations on the find... Denver, the Rockies, beautiful home... so exciting!!!