April 5, 2012

Back on the horse.

Uggh. I've become the worst blogger imaginable. A silent one. My computer glares at me - the flashing blue eye of judgement - reminding me of my literary inadequacies*. And yet, I've done nothing about it. Until now.

I'm getting back on the horse.

Speaking of horses, did you know they can swim? They can! I saw them!

They're either race horses or jump horses; this is for exercise, apparently.

* My computer also reminds me that I have (a) no new emails, (b) no new plans in my calendar, and (c) I have not been tracking my WW points. Happy Easter Break, everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Of course I knew horses could swim, don't you watch old westerns? Seriously though...I find myself going back to your blog on the Denver house....I CAN NOT wait to visit you there and in it :) Deep breath indeed. Enjoy the relaxing break from all things surrounding moving and selling your London house. BTW: Hampton did very nice photos of it using the WIDE angle lens. Happy Easter to you! Mom