April 22, 2012

Before and After

I've gotten the researching bug. It won't last long (reference previous interests: jam making, crafting) so I'm striking while the iron's hot and drip-feeding info through rather than one, final piéce de réistance on the history of my area. Besides, it's pretty taxing reading through a lot of history at once, so consider it a favor. You're welcome.

Anywhooo... I spent all day Friday at the Islington Local History Center. Awesome. I can't remember the last time I trolled through old, weighty, hand-written ledgers.

I found a lot of stuff, but what struck me most were the pictures of my house and my street.

WWII land mine damage, c1940
Both sides of my street were destroyed. Look at the houses to the back of the destruction - hardly touched thanks to the railway line separating them. The housing estates were built in 1959.

Rat infested, derelict housing, c1963
There are a few architectural changes but I'm 99% this is my house. Note that on the end terrace, the door has been converted into a window and a portico was added to the side for access. Also, the molding above the windows have been removed and the chimney pots replaced.

Regeneration, c197-
Donal's family owned this same model Escort so he thinks it's 1972. I'm too young to know any different. I'm also very humble. I'm also not that young.

Local shops, c1980
I'm pretty sure this guy was a hipster in his time. Note the addition of two windows above the coffee shop; the budget must've been tight - no decorative features were added to match the existing ones.


  1. Are you sure that was land mine damage in 1940?

    1. @Greg - Yes, I found the war record (an index card!) stating location + type and date of damage. Apparently, land mines were also air-dropped; presume this was the case here.