April 29, 2012

Seven Days.

What would you do if you had seven days left to live in London?

This is what's on my agenda:

  • Use my Groupon voucher.
  • Have coffee with friends.
  • Get my hair cut.
  • Go out on the razzle dazzle.
  • Write thank you cards to teachers and childminder.
  • Pack.
  • Get rid of my house plants.
  • Safety-check my gas meter.

Please help - inspirational ideas desperately needed.


  1. Coffee with friends you can do in The US, we need to go to the tea rooms. Oh yes and were you not going to check out the scary Turkish Hammam?

    1. Ack! And here I suggested boring old Fabrica; what a missed opportunity. The scary Hamman? I'll leave for my next visit...