May 4, 2012

A firm handshake and a meaningful look.

We're down to the wire. The movers are here and the majority of our worldly possessions are in boxes. Today is Elliot's last day of school and Noah's last day at playgroup. You'd think there would be floods of tears. There's not.

That's not to say there haven't been some shed along the way, but these final days are much more cut and dry. Well, you're leaving. Goodbye. See you in Summer 2013.

It hurts a bit - of course we would all like to think the world stops in devastation when we ourselves move on, but of course it doesn't. School runs will still happen, coffee will still get drunk, and Japanese Knotweed will still plague our streets and discarded white goods. Life moves on, kid. My head knows this but my heart still screams out for final, white-handkerchiefed waves at the airport.

And of course I, too, can't look back. I've got to make sure I'm not known to my new friends (whomever they might be!) as "Andrea: that new girl who always talks about how life in London was sooo great." No one wants to be around that person. Embrace the change.

So, while it's belittling and embarrassing to poorly and loudly choke back the sobs, that's what we're doing*. Call it British Andrea's Last Stand - all further goodbyes will be a firm handshake and a meaningful look. Anyone who doesn't follow suit will be shot down like a drunken, Scandinavian man who can't take a hint.

So, my lovely, lovely friends - lots of luck, keep in touch and I'll see you in Summer 2013.

*I recognize some readers will be left emotionally stunted and unsatisfied with this approach. In those instances, come and find me on Sunday and we can bawl our eyes out. British Andrea will turn a blind eye.

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