May 10, 2012


We've done it. We've successfully moved out of London. Save the emotional outburst, remember we're embracing the change.

We're now in Limbo...

Word on the street says it could take thirteen weeks for our household goods to arrive in Colorado (they go through the Panama Canal!). So, in order to maintain some modem of comfort, the boys and I have come to Lancaster, Ohio - my hometown - on our way west.

I've obviously been back to visit, but I haven't really lived in Lancaster since I left for college - about 18 years ago. That's a long time. I didn't actually realize it was that long until I wrote that sentence and had to double check my math. I've lived away from Lancaster longer than I've lived in it. Weird. Anyway. I lived here a long time ago. Check.

So even though I've been away for awhile and, certainly, loads of things have changed, lots seem to have remained the same. It's these places that haven't changed, I find most curious...

I wonder if this place is sanctioned by the Institute.

Love the logo.

Downtown's anchor store.

Love the signage.

You had me at Hillbilly Deluxe.

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