November 20, 2011

Hyvää Joulua.

So it begins.

As there is no Thanksgiving in the UK (What?! No Indians? No pilgrims? What do they do with all the cornucopias?), the bleed into the Christmas season starts fast and early. It was actually several weeks ago, in an emergency trip to the Kingsland KFC bathroom with Noah, when I first heard Mariah Carey's dulcet tones richly declaring all she wanted for Christmas was me. It was moving beyond belief.

Nevertheless, I was able to hold out until today to visit my first [of many planned] Christmas markets. Truth be told, it was actually Donal's idea to go to this Finnish Fair. Since it was super-easy to get to and I had no prior engagements, I agreed. I've not yet been to Finland, but feel I got a little taste today...

...and it tasted like cinnamon rolls. The most delicious cinnamon rolls God ever put on this earth.

Father Christmas was also patrolling the party, but as I was standing in the mammoth cinnamon-roll queue, all I saw were these sweet little guys. (The lady with the broom? Santa obviously outsources the domestic chores.)

There was also this little dude - a straw ram. I have no idea if, or how, rams are significant to Finland, but I don't currently own any sort of ram decorations and I'm a sucker for a little local, crafty art, so I actually bought this one.

Now - forget Christmas. Let's enjoy Thanksgiving...!

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  1. I love your picture of the little Santas so much that I made it my desk top background. Ho ho ho!