November 7, 2011

Little brothers.

A new little buddy arrived into the world today. He's a bit early and a bit unexpected, but it's pretty exciting to have him here nonetheless.
I mentioned the arrival of little Rory to my own bebes and while Elliot was totally indifferent, Noah took to the idea like a duck to water. Immediately began the conversation of how he wanted a baby brother in *his* house. 
I tried to stress how messy and noisy babies are but he was totally undeterred; he "would give the baby milk and a dummy". I pressed upon him that my superhero and fireman playing time would be severely restricted. He didn't mind; he'd "give the baby his own toy to play with." But Noah, I've given away all the baby things (helpfully pointed out by Elliot, actually); "that's ok, Mom - we can go to the shops to buy new ones. And borrow nappies from Fiona."
What the what? How is it, above all other considerations, that this one conversation with a three year old has me cautiously rethinking my childbearing plans? I was resolute! I gave away everything! Two is enough! Right...? Right. Right! Right...?
BTW - the only thing that helped me escape the conversation with Noah was the notion that a) bebes take a loooong time to come, and b) you might get a sister.
Sweet bebe Noah
Sweet bebe Elliot


  1. No worries - I have both boy and girl baby clothes, toys, supplies, etc I can pack off to you anytime you need them. :)