July 11, 2012

S'more fun.

Must get sprinklers sorted out. Must get garden sorted out. Must deal with CSA crop. Must buy curtains. Must buy curtain rods and hardware. Must choose paint colors. Must paint rooms. Must get Elliot a bed that actually fits him. Must choose boy-themed rooms that will not drive me aesthetically crazy. Must get my children enrolled in all kinds of crazy activities because we're all getting on each others tits and school doesn't start for another month.

No time to think. No time to take pics. No time to write.

Nevertheless, some time to have fun...

The Smyth boys' first S'mores:

Family trip to Mt. Evans / Echo Lake. Elev 14,260 feet and only an hour away from our house!


  1. Noah must have really liked the 's'mores since there's Chocolate involved! Loved the photos of Echo Lake...looks so peaceful. Glad it was untouched by the fires.