July 1, 2012

Week One.

The end of week one in Colorado*.

It's been quite a week and, despite my fervent resolve, I just haven't put pen to paper. I've only had the energy for weak iPhone pictures and 140 chars or less. If you follow me on Instagram, you know we've unpacked our ocean shipment, I've joined a CSA, and that Elliot and Noah are in swimming lessons. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that it's hot here and I can't wait to try whitewater tubing in Golden.

I'll do better.

In the meantime, it's worth noting what a pain in the ass setting up a new house is. I won't go into the mundane details, but let's just say that an exciting day involves sorting through superheros to determine whose room they go in, purchasing a new food processor, and wiring up a British TV into USA plugs. Also, my new house doesn't seem to have very adequate lighting (was it a thing in the 90s not to install ceiling lights...?) so all this is done is semi-darkness. It's also worth noting that bananas go bad faster in CO; I'm trying to determine whether it's heat or altitude. Lastly, I LOVE having a garbage disposal again but it's spiting me by constantly clogging. Oh, and whoever invented sprinkler systems surely deserves an accolade, but a set of usable instructions would be nice.

So today we relaxed.

* I need to stop saying "Denver" because we are not in Denver. I'm pretty sure I haven't even set foot in the city limits yet. Hello, suburbia. Let's be friends.

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  1. Family just watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ( Depp version not Wilder). Interested to note Mike TV is from Denver. Good job your kids have such a wholesome outdoor lifestyle!