July 3, 2012

Declaring Independence?

London. Did I ever really live there? For 10 years? A new job, new friends, new language*, new nuisances, two homes, a marriage and two children? Did I really get my citizenship? My passport? Am I really a British citizen?

It's been 9 weeks (63 days) since we left and my previous life feels so remote it's frightening.

That said, London is in our face this summer - I'm doing my best to remain stoic in the face of secret BFF letters, Instagram pics, and knowing that life "at our London home" has moved on.

Hooray for the Jubilee and the Olympics. I love the enthusiasm the Jubilee brought out in the county (a day off will do that, I know). Unfortunately, I missed the wedding street parties last year and, unfortunately, I missed them again this jubilistic-year. The British do not celebrate without due cause - both events were pretty special - and I am truly sorry to have missed the country express any level of joy and/or camaraderie. Love, hate, or be completely indifferent to the monarchy, both were a great excuse to get out some picnic tables, cold beer (warm ale), and meet your neighbours.

I remember London winning the Olympic bid; it was right at the time my dear friend Meabh told me she was knocked-up, as well as the Tube and the Number 30 getting blown-up. WTF; talk about muted, short-lived celebrations. (FYI - Meabh has gone on and borne three lovely daughters.)

I know the Olympics have been met with lots of grumble since (as a former London-resident-a-mere-four-train-stops-away-from-the-fecking-park, I didn't even get tickets), but they are great for the city. If nothing else, the British need something - at a cellular level - to quietly grumble about, and it's a nice change from weather commentary and the M25 traffic. Seriously, the Olympics might not bring long-term solutions to a rather unlooked-after area, but they are good. The world is looking at you, London! I can contest to that - I'm now 5,000 miles away and they're talking about it more than when I left. (Good news though: the 2012 logo and that weird cyclops mascot...? Not used abroad.)

So. What I am I trying to say? I'm saying that I can't believe I lived in London. I can't believe I moved out of London. I can't believe I love Colorado. I can't believe I wish London were in Colorado. I can't believe that I think that every Colorado Olympic athlete needs my advice on how to make the best of their time in East London** as well as how to behave in front of the Queen. Does that make sense? No? I know. [sigh]

Happy 4th of July. I hope all my London friends are having some kind of wet, windy and cramped BBQ with key lime pie and chili dogs. I hope all my American friends have electricity and some kind of local celebration without the threat of wildfires.

* YES! British English is not the same as American English. Anyone who uses auto-correct to translate for their intended audience understands. 
** For any American Olympic Athlete who might be reading: my boycott against a certain child-unfriendly coffee shop still stands. Devote your patronage accordingly.


  1. Happy 4th and welcome back to 'merica!
    PS, Tina, we do not salute you.
    Pps, Hey lime pie.

  2. hahahhahaha.. I am still laughing at the cyclops... Happy Fourth!! Welcome home!