March 13, 2011

Dry Bread.

Bread and I are not friends. I have no success in making it and it makes my hips fat. That said, we had the Smyth Uncles to stay this weekend... 

...and I thought I'd try to make something special. I decided on cinnamon rolls.

This is my third attempt at the rolls. The first result were 2 dozen glazed hockey pucks. (The dough didn't rise; it turned out my yeast was dead.) The second attempt was successful, but not a true cinnamon roll as I used leftover Christmas mincemeat filling. The third attempt was a success! The dough rising was my proudest moment as it involved sheer ingenuity...

I know I live in a drafty Victorian house, but I didn't know it was too cold to get dough to rise. It is. I've tried putting dough on the top of boiler; on top of the fridge; on the radiator; in a low oven; an oven that was on, then turned off; in an oven that had hot a basin of hot water in it... Basically, I tried every place that I thought was at least marginally warmer than our ambient temperature. My final solution...

Dough in the dryer! Perfect warm and humid environment for my dough to rise.



  1. Nice work!!! Those look delicious! The picture in the dryer is so funny.

  2. I am so proud! Now there really isn't anything you can't make!