March 29, 2011

So nice we named it twice.

Since there are no direct flights from London to Akron, New York was our middle ground. Melissa and I - childless for the first time in 4 years - met in New York. 

It. Was. Great.

Flights in and dinner at Le Bernardin. Bask in our 3 Michelin Star, Top Chef Judge, tasting menu + wine paring glamour. We did. And then we went to Duane Reade to buy Q-tips and nail polish.

We walked to... The Apple Store (which I was later to discover was hopelessly futile - NY is sold out of iPads). The MoMa (which wasn't open at that hour so we browsed the gift shop instead). Grand Central station (where Melissa bought a donut and I tried to take pics that related it's grandeur). 

The Public Library for our 11:00 guided tour

Lenny's for a pastrami on rye (extra pickle for me!)

Took the subway to Bowling Green, where indeed it all began...

Stopped at a Starbucks, where near disaster was marginally avoided. (Note: if a young woman asks to cut in front of you for the bathroom line, let her. Chances are she's ready to blow.) Then on the Staten Island ferry 

for a free gawp at Lady Liberty

On the way back, though, we opted for warmth over views.

As an end to the day, we enjoyed an early dinner in Greenwich Village at Mario Batali's Babbo. Melissa thinks she got the inside tip that he was there. I'm not sure, but the pasta tasting menu (+ wine paring) was great. That said, probably best not to have a pastrami on rye a mere 4 hours before attempting to conquer this menu. Needless to say, it was back to the hotel for a carb-overload coma after this one.

Sullivan St. Bakery and Hell's Kitchen Flea Market led the way for the day.

Bakery = great. 

Flea Market = other people's junk. Mom, you would've killed me for even being at this flea market. Every single thing on offer is sitting somewhere in your attic.

From there we walked over to Chelsea Market where apparently, many Food Network shows are filmed. *heart stops* Unfortunately all the chefs must've been cooking because we didn't see anyone. Warning - if you go to The Green Table for lunch do not get a rum and coke unless you're prepared to stagger out of there. They use 140 proof rum!

The Highline was next on our agenda, thanks to a top tip from Ben. A really cool idea - they've converted overhead train tracks into a park. We didn't walk the whole thing, but appreciated it nevertheless.

And as a bonus, got a neat view of The Empire State Building, too!

Melissa then directed us to Strand Book Store - 18 miles of books. It was a little claustrophobic for me, but I managed to power through and pick up a good cookbook.

Gramercy Tavern - one of America's favorite restaurants - for dinner. Great food, great building, exhaustive wine list.

Home day. Shopping day. Subway down to SoHo and Nolita for some wandering and window shopping. 

We were all stocked up on Rolaxes and Dim Sum so skirted Chinatown and opted for lunch at Lombardi's pizza instead.

Then time to part ways and head back to real life. 

Paris next year, then...?


  1. Ah, so jealous! It looks like you both had a brilliant time.

  2. Wow! That sounds like a heck of a great way to spend a two week, kid-free vacation! What's that you say? It was all done in just a weekend? Wow-za!

  3. I agree with Sara...all that in just a few days? It all sounded amazing and such fun :) Can't wait to see all the photos!

  4. What a great weekend of fun! Yea for you both!!!