March 14, 2011

Going native.

I thought I'd be in London for about three years and then move on. Today was a nail in that coffin - I've gone native.

I'm British!

While it feels good not to have any visa issues, costs, timelines and confusion hanging over me any more, I can't see that British citizenship is going to radically change my life. As I see it, there are two main advantages: being able to vote and getting in the shorter passport queue* at the airport.

Oh, and being able to call myself the Evil Oppressor at all family functions, American and Irish.

*I now have to use words like queue (line), jumper (sweater), wanker (jackass), duvet (comforter), tea (coffee); it's part of the allegiance oath.

P.S. Gaining British citizenship does not affect my American citizenship; I can have dual citizenship. I checked. Lots of times.


  1. Welcome to the Evil Oppression club! You're a fine addition to it. x

  2. Suggestion for ceremony officials: replace Queen's portrait with classy life size cardboard cut out giving supportive thumbs up to nee subjects.

  3. Don't forget the noncereal version, "Cheerio! Congrats!