March 6, 2011


They're going to start charging £10 pp to stand on the Prime Meridian. WTF. Although standing on an imaginary line isn't what I'd normally choose to do on a Saturday afternoon, the thought of having to eventually pay £10 to do so was enough to inspire me and the family to drive down to Greenwich. To stand on a line. For free.

The Royal Observatory and Planetarium are also there in Greenwich Park. I fondly remember science trips to Lancaster High school's Planetarium and was pretty excited at the thought of spending 20 minutes in a comfy, reclined chair watching the stars, learning about planets and possibly getting the chance to use a laser pointer. 

Elliot thought the show was pretty neat (it was, after all, aimed at kids aged 5 and under), but Noah thought the whole thing was too much and headed outside with Donal. To learn more about meridians. For free.

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  1. Really!?! Charging to stand on the Prime Meridian? Ridiculous! Good for you guys taking advantage of the still free experience. Wonder what they charge at the equator? : )