May 16, 2011

Being a Mom.

My two favorite bloggers (Melissa and Jen) apparently love being Moms. If pressured to comment, then I'd have to say I do too. Most of the time. At the beginning of the day. Before I have to start getting juice. 

Sarcasm aside, these wonderful women have inspired me to find the joy in my children's every day life and provide that joy in list-form.

What I love about being a Mom:
  1. Overhearing the boys having their own private conversations.
  2. Taking pride that while Noah looks an awful lot like a Smyth, he looks an awful lot like a Klein, too. (My sister, specifically.)
  3. Dodos and all it's various forms.
  4. Being an expert on important things like superheros, train track building, and boo-boos.
  5. Being welcomed, with hugs and shouts of "Mom!", when I come downstairs on a Saturday morning.
  6. Watching and helping them navigate life lessons.
  7. Reading and watching them read.
  8. How funny they are. Crazy funny.
  9. Watching them sleep.
  10. Imaginative play.

And.. what I don't love about being a Mom:
  1. Getting juice. 100 times a day.
  2. Shouting.
  3. The threat, real or imagined, of night time vomiting.
  4. Being the middleman for everything that happens in the house.
  5. The boys picking at each other, and me, for entertainment.
  6. Judgement from other parents.
  7. The repetition of the days.
  8. Getting juice.
  9. Whining.
  10. Fighting.
Addendum: I also do not like being woken up with whining, crying children at 5:30.


  1. I love this little series of posts. Yours had me cracking up too! At first I did think Donal made that comment on mine and it was hilarious.

  2. Ditto the great pictures and I LOVE your honesty. Maybe I need to do a list of what I don't like....hmmmmmm.
    And about the swim lessons- ugh. Go find another teacher that cares. For a child that has already had one bad experience in the water, he needs to have LOTS of good experience to counteract that. That's too bad.......I wouldn't pay $ for that.................