May 9, 2011

Garden v1.

I lifted, moved and dealt with one metric tonne of dirt today. Hell yeah.

It's all in an attempt to get my front garden, aka the pebble pit,...

...into something worth looking at. The plan is to build a raised garden and plant some pretty things in it. After today's labors, this is where I am:

This is where I hope to be:

And, as an added bonus... For those who recall my previous post about my crazy neighbor, you might be interested to know I had to deal with him today, too. Unfortunately, Andrew (said neighbor) chose to approach me about 3/4 of the way into my garden excavation. Needless to say - as I was up to my eyes in sweat and manure-laden top soil - I was not at my most welcoming. So, in spite of his gifts of conspicuously ripped-off library DVDs, I did not give him the £10 to fix his gas leak problems. I would have, however, paid him £10 to vacate my front steps which he happily occupied for a merry, yet awkward, 20 minutes. [sigh]


  1. I like the designs and hope it turns out well!! The sprial designs remind me of lollipop trees but I unfortunately don't think those exist.

  2. Were you sore the next day from moving all that dirt?