May 1, 2011

Mad about Madrid.

Our last day of vacation.

It started off dubiously with a trip to The Rastro - Madrid's weekly flea market. I always think I'll enjoy flea markets, but as I need neither cheap sunglasses, broken chairs, nor dead watches, I rarely do.

We managed to navigate our way out of there and over to Santa Ana square for lunch. We didn't particularly mean to end up there, but it was a nice square with two playgrounds and countless cafes. We parked ourselves at a table and stayed for a leisurely two hours eating, drinking, sunning ourselves, playing, people watching and dancing. It was a really great way to spend a Sunday afternoon...

...Especially as this Sunday was a holiday and meant that everything was closed. FYI, if planning a trip to Spain in April count on at least 90% of that time being devoted to a national or religious holiday thus resulting in nearly all shopping opportunities closing down. For the remaining 10% count on shops being closed for no apparent reason.

We unfortunately also missed the museum opening times. Our hotel is right across the street from The Prado and up the road from Reina Sofia. We hope to make it to the Reina Sofia tomorrow before leaving, but my money is on Smyth Tardiness and I'm guessing this is the only way I'll be seeing Picasso's Guernica.

That's okay. I'm not really a museum person anyway. 

Hasta luego, EspaƱa.


  1. Sounds like a great way to spend a leisurely Sunday afternoon to me!