September 9, 2011

Jar, label and eat.

Today's project: Ketchup (Catsup? Catchup?) and Spiced Plum Chutney.
I don't imagine, in any way, that this ketchup will replace Heinz 57 in the eyes of my children - especially as this recipe calls for 1/4 c of hot sauce - but I thought it'd be a fun thing to try. (Fun as in cooking project; not a way to seek revenge on whiny kids.)
When I last checked, chutney was not a huge thing in the US, but it should be - it's great with a cheese board, in the winter, when you need to put a little warmth in your heart and meat on your bones. I found two recipes that I thought sounded good so bastardized them into my own. (NB: "Sparkle!" isn't a memo about my electrifying personality; it's a reminder to use the edible sparkle that I bought from these guys yesterday. And, no, I don't normally add sparkle to my food; this chutney is meant to be for the holidays when EVERYTHING can and should have sparkle in it. More on these guys later; I may have found my little piece of heaven here in Islington... )
Chutney spices.
Ketchup ingredients.
The end of the chutney; the ketchup still has a ways to go.
Chutney's done!
Final touches - because I am just that cute.
What a friggin' mess; they don't show you this on Food Network.
Ketchup's done!
(I wanted to label them all kickass but was wary that my British friends would think it was kickass-great, not kickass-spicy. Tooting one's own horn is not the done thing here.)


  1. Sparkle!!! Was that just for fun or did the recipe call for sparkle? Did it work?