February 27, 2011

The 236.

Today started out bright and sunny so we decided to take yesterday's rain check and head over to London Fields' scooter ramps.

Noah unfortunately suffered an open head wound from a rather spectacular fall, so had to sit out a few rounds.

Luckily the cheesy biscuits did the trick and he was back, up and running, for a quick playground trip.

We had lunch at Buen Ayre, one of London's best Argentinian restaurants, right there on Broadway Market. Who knew? The South Americans, apparently. The place was filled with Spanish. Thank goodness I've been watching so much Dora and Diego. A rescate, amigos!

Sadly, the afternoon went downhill from there. As it's London, it inevitably started to rain. Getting home from Broadway Market is, at the best of times, a challenge since we need to take the tiny and completely useless 236 bus.

Catching one of these in the rain is nearly impossible - this mouse-size bus is choked with people avoiding the wet and squeezing a buggy into that scrum is futile. We had to divide and conquer. Donal took the boys on the first bus and I caught the second, still needing to fold up the shaggin' buggy just to get on. Not one of my more graceful moments as I'm struggling to fold our Quinny on a lurching, sweaty, crowded bus while a portable potty, millions of wet changes-of-clothes, Noah's scooter, and enough snacks to feed Attila's army are spilling out around me. (Travelling light with an in-session potty trainer is hard.)

We're back home now though. I have warm socks, hot, strong coffee and am quickly putting to rest today's quarrel with the 236.


  1. So what does one eat at a South American Restaurant?

  2. Love it! I can so relate. This is our "season" in life right now.