February 13, 2011

A chance to cook.

While I love cooking, our mid-week meals can barely be classed as such. Mock me if you will, but God invented fish fingers, oven chips, frozen peas and ketchup for a reason.

Sunday is my day to spend some time at the stove. Today we're having Raymond Blanc's coq au vin with roast potatoes. (If you didn't take French 101, I'll spare you the embarrassment of my own mis-pronunciation... Cock Ah Van, not Coke Ow Vin.) 

While I'll in no way say my rendition is comparable to Monsieur Blanc's (given my unwillingness to 'toast' flour), it is pretty tasty and fairly easy. That said, I'm sure Critic 1 and Critic 2 will have no time for it and demand the salubrious Fish Finger. 

On the note of children's food, when did Happy Meals get such choice toys? I seem to remember them being cruddy toys that my loving and thoughtful Grandma would save up as "special toys" for when we came to visit. However, included in my boy's very first Happy Meal was the coolest light-up, batteries-included, toy light sabre you could hope to squeeze into that little box. Thank you McD's. While your food is sub-par, I'd happily wait 20 mins in your drive-thru, argue with your under-paid employees about which window is the appropriate one to pay at, and pay £2.99 x 2 to keep my kids entertained the entire rest of the way home and past breakfast this morning.

I can not condone, however, my husband's love of their strawberry milkshake.

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  1. Your happy meal experience seems to be better than mine.
    Great post!