February 18, 2011

Friday morning.

If Sunday is my day to cook, Friday is my day to plan. The boys are with Ann so I have some quiet time where I can plan out our meals for the week ahead. The idea came a couple years ago from my BFF Melissa (aka Zesty Cook!) and my life hasn't been the same since.

Instruments of inspiration - my cookbooks. Cookbooks are my crack cocaine. I can't get enough of them. I have everything from The French Laundry (which is beautiful, but completely useless to a mother of 2 fish finger fans) to my newest purchase, Casserole Treasury c1970 (which is equally beautiful and useless - their recommended quantities of Cream of Mushroom Soup freaks me out). I make a weekly stop at Oxfam to check out their selection of books and bought this there yesterday for £1. I think I'll have to re-donate it next week...

Secondly, I need my calendar. Donal's gone several nights a week and I've given up cooking pleasing, complicated meals on those nights. I just don't need the pain. Anyway, the calendar lets me know where he is and when, so I know what to cook and when.

Then it's a very pleasing hour or so flipping through my books, choosing what sounds good, writing out the shopping list and doing the shopping. If I ever do manage to move out of the UK, online grocery shopping is, by far, what I'll miss most. There's no better time and money saver than doing my grocery shopping online. I haven't stepped foot in an actual grocery store in well over 5 months.

Volia! Week's menu planned! Not perfect, not entirely complete, but done. 

*WC stands for Wild Card. I obviously watched too many game shows as a kid.


  1. So this is what being organized looks like... looks good :o) Fair play Andrea!

  2. I love that our rituals are so similar. It's comforting to me.