February 17, 2011

Seven year itch.

Happy Anniversary to us! 7 years ago, Donal and I dragged our families down to Puerto Rico to help us get married. We needed to justify taking everyone such a long way from home, so we tried to show them why we love the island so much.

Old San Juan, with its fantastic colors and architecture, was the perfect place to base ourselves. 

The Kleins stayed in El Rincon - a cozy little house with an open patio smack in its middle. John loved this idea until he got doused one rainy night.

The Smyths fared better in their accommodation.

I think, with any wedding, there are things that go well and things that don't. For me, my main regret is poor sun protection. I thought I'd stayed covered and in the shade for our trip to Rio del Mar, but I'd obviously given myself too much credit.

Which is a shame, because there's no covering up a sunburn in a bright, white wedding dress.

El Yunque, the US's only national rainforest, was also on our tour. Mary wisely stayed home for this one and Dad kept everyone on time so we could make it back for our rehearsal dinner. (No mean feat when dealing with the entire Smyth family. Smyth Time and Klein Time do not mix. They didn't then; they don't now.)

In addition to our superior time keeping skills, The Kleins are way cooler as Goose's socks + sandals combo clearly proves. (Actually, Goose's poor feet also got sunburned so I'm sure the socks are more of a protective measure than a fashion statement.)

We got married in the big cathedral in Old San Juan. It was a bit OTT for our 12 guests, but luckily the tourists helped fill the pews.

Young and fresh on our 1st anniversary...

older and wiser on our 7th.


  1. Great post. How fun to look back on your wedding. Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Oh this brings back memories. I can't believe its been 7 years. Congrats and I hope your Anniversary was amazing!!

  3. That indeed was a wonderful use of your blog. I loved the photo inserts which did bring back such nice memories of your fairy tale like wedding. And it was a fantastic culmination of such a fun time had by all!