August 13, 2011

Photo skillz.

I'm trying to improve my photography. Unfortunately I'm going about this the lazy man's way and not reading nor consulting a thing, only taking loads of pictures of hot, grumpy children without any method to my madness.

I vow to change this. 

Step one: Book a session with the lovely and talented Jennifer Conklin; clock her every move. Check.

Step two: Read some stuff; look at great pictures. In progress.

Step three: Come to terms with Photoshop. To do.

Step four: Learn what my camera can do, mess with the settings. To do.

Step five: Take more pics.

Advice (and encouragement) welcome...!

1 comment:

  1. Looking good! You have some keepers there! PLEASE come over again before you leave..........
    (PS-for backlighting, your meter should be way over to the right, reading overexposed. Because the background WILL be overexposed, to get the subject correctly....._