August 24, 2011

Summer holidays, part two.

And so tonight is our last night in Lancaster. Tomorrow we drive 4 hours to DTW, fly 8 hours home, meet D at the airport (thank God), and then another hour drive before We. Are. Home.

It's been a very good trip. Since the safari, we've done even more fun things...

Made special trips, out of Lancaster, for ice cream.

Played our own T-less version of T-ball in the front yard.

Noah playing the role of Marsha Brady

Visited Melissa, Adam, Mae and John.


Celebrated my birthday at TWO fine dining establishments.

Enjoyed having Goose, Todd, Lily, Walter and Corn Dog at The Family Home.

Had loads and loads of fun with Swimmy Lily.

Played at aHa.

Learned how to shuck corn.

Dove for minnows at Huffer-Durdin park, the exact same thing that Goose and I used to do when we were kids.

And, most importantly, spent lots of quality time with Grams and Gramps.

I also practiced my photo skillz (sans the benefit of Photoshop; I know I need to fix my lighting, if not at least 100 other things...)

Now - time to pack!

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  1. What a fun trip! I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow. We will miss you.