August 12, 2011

Summer holidays.

I gave up on the London summer. Constant 60F temps, rain and overcast skies were too much. I need sun, heat, swimming and the smell of mowed lawns. Ohio has great summers so the boys and I skipped town, ditched Donal, and came home*.

We're at the half way point. It's been great and just what I (selfishly) needed.

We visited Goose, Todd, Lily and Walter in Michigan at their supremely cool and kid-friendly house. 

From there we attended the annual Klein family reunion. I don't remember the last time I was at one. Lots of new little faces.

Next up was Aunt Barb and Uncle Craig's Lake House...

...and a trip to Cedar Point

Now The Family Home. We've swam, gone on safari, visited the state fair, said goodbye to John, hello to old friends, and watched hot air balloons past our bedtimes.

* As in where the heart, but not our life, is.


  1. Love this post! Great pictures and I love the little lady in the field!

  2. Glad to see my house represented as "supremely cool". Great having you and the boys in the US!